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Welcome to David Brooke’s web site at www.dbrooke.org.uk

Updates 2006

July 4

Updated ‘Solar Power’ page.

May 20

Added information on Alderney holiday.

April 26

Updated information on my MythTV system setup.

March 18

Added some missing photo captions.

March 12

The site is now generated using webgen which should make it easier for me to add new material.

The overall layout is similar, though inevitably a few things have changed, and everything which was here before should still be available. If you can’t find something then the new Site Map page should help.

Updates 2005

March 25

Added photos of inertia reel seatbelt installation in my Lightweight Land Rover.

February 23

Added MythTV information.

Updates 2004

February 22

Updated ‘Land Rover’ page with a photo of my Lightweight on my first RTV trial.

Updates 2003

December 31

Updated ‘Land Rover’ page and added a photograph of both my Land Rovers.

Updates 2002

July 22

Photographs of ‘spare’ Lightweight Land Rover added.

Updates 2001

November 10

Recently purchased Land Rover added to “Land Rover” page.

October 13

Malta trip added to “Travel” page.

August 21

Information on new batteries added to “Solar Power” page.

April 1

New photos and minor text updates on “Solar Power” page.

March 25

Added initial versions of “Travel” and “Land Rover” pages.